Not only are we led to believe that Democratic and Republican candidates are our only “legitimate” choices, we are also duped into believing that voting for one of those two choices is our only avenue for societal change.

Voters lining up to (in most cases) vote for the perceived lesser evil

In her article “Electoral Politics Use The Same Containment Strategies As Alzheimer’s Facilities” (, Caitlin Johnstone draws a great analogy. We “patients” (in the US) are redirected to voting for Democrats as a “way out” of the suffering our political system causes us, much as Alzheimer’s patients who want to get out of the facility and “go home” are redirected away from…

A Response to Chomsky et al.’s open letter promoting voting for Biden

[The following is an open letter signed by myself and dozens of other activists in response to a September open letter to Common Dreams.]

As always, in 2020, mainstream Democrats have tried every possible means to thwart challenges to their left. A media smear campaign against Bernie Sanders and other progressive candidates, rigging of the Democratic primaries, and ultimately the uniting of the Democratic Party elite behind Joe Biden cemented the nomination of yet another corporate Democrat. …

Rigged From The Start

With Bernie Sanders’ rise from relatively unknown Senator to the country’s most popular politician thanks to his strong 2016 campaign, many of his supporters had high hopes of his being elected President in 2020 and leading the way to the enactment of his signature reform, Medicare For All, and other major social reforms. It didn’t work out that way. …

A Response to Chomsky et al.’s Advocacy of Lesser-Evil Voting

As Green Party Presidential candidate Howie Hawkins put it in a recent online discussion of the election, what is most astonishing about the public statements from prominent people on the left advocating voting for Joe Biden is that they don’t even call for a Green vote in battleground states. “Now it’s vote for Biden everywhere without any conditions, with no demands on the Democrats,” Howie wrote, continuing “Now it’s don’t vote Green. Vote Biden everywhere without any preconditions, with no demands on the Democrats. That approach is pushing US politics to the right by setting up the elimination of the…

Has It Really Come Down to “Vote for the Lesser of Two Rapists”?

#BlueNoMatterWho “logic”

Whenever the subject of politics comes up, #BlueNoMatterWho Democrats never miss an opportunity to tell people something to the effect of “Voting for a third party Presidential candidate is a vote for Trump,” or “not voting is a vote for Trump.” As former Democratic Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson put it, “You’re voting for Trump either way.” …

Sanders vs. Gabbard: An Overview

Broadly speaking, both Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard are very much on the liberal/progressive side of the spectrum in terms of domestic policy. To summarize, both support a living wage ($15), free college for most (Tulsi) or all (Bernie) people, Wall Street reforms such as reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act and breaking up the big banks, a universal taxpayer-funded health care system where care is free at the point of service (Medicare For All), legalization of marijuana, abolition of private prisons, comprehensive election and campaign finance reform (overturning Citizen’s United, eliminating gerrymandering, stopping voter suppression, making election day a holiday, etc.)…

Are We Ready for a #DemExit Yet?

This protest was not approved by the Democratic Party.

2020: Hope For Reform?

In 2016, Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign’s unexpected success brought many issues and needed major political reforms to the national stage — universal health insurance, free public education, a living wage, etc. — to an unprecedented extent. And with Sanders’ rise from relatively unknown Senator to the country’s most popular politician, many of his supporters had high hopes of his being elected President in 2020 and leading the way to the enactment of his signature reform, Medicare For All, and other major social reforms. It didn’t work out that way. Bernie Sanders failed to replicate his success in the 2016 campaign…

Gaslighting progressives about Tulsi Gabbard

Shortly after Hillary Clinton’s infamous attempt to smear Tulsi Gabbard as a “Russian asset,” a new genre of smear appeared on the left that basically took the form of “That smear that she’s wittingly or unwittingly in league with Russia is baseless, but all the other personal attacks on her by smart, progressive people like me are 100% true.” I first encountered it in the form of an article by journalist Ari Paul that, shockingly, appeared on the site of Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting, an outlet I have long admired and relied on for its incisive analyses of corporate…

I have long valued the incisive critiques of corporate media bias by Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting. Imagine my astonishment and disappointment when this organization renowned for its deconstruction and dismantling of propaganda published a propaganda piece of its own, Ari Paul’s article Russia Accusations a Distraction From Gabbard’s Actual Troubling Ties, attacking Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard for alleged ties to far right Hindu nationalists and Islamophobia. Paul uncritically accepts one after another smear against her, without considering the possibility that there is a coordinated propaganda campaign against her that sources he relies on may be part of.

This is just a collection of Web links to stories about Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, who has been on the receiving end of perhaps the most vicious smear campaign directed at any US politician running for high office in recent history, exceeding even that directed against third-party candidates such as Jill Stein and Ralph Nader. This collection is organized into: smear pieces on various topics, rebuttals to those smear pieces or to the general derogatory narrative, contextual information about various issues, and interviews and public statements by the candidate herself.



Transcript of the fourth Democratic debate — The Washington PostDNC…

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